Magda Marquet

CEO de AtheaDX, San Diego, US

Magda Marquet
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Magda Marquet is an Andorran born, award winning life sciences en-trepreneur. She is recognized as one of the architects of the San Die-go life science sector, number 3 in the United States. She co-founded Althea Technologies, built it into the region’s largest contract organi-zations, now part of the Ajinomoto group. She also founded AltheaDx, a precision medicine company with the world’s leading phar-macogenomics test for anxiety and depression. She is the co-CEO of ALMA Life Sciences LLC, an early stage investment firm focused on the creation and growth of innovative companies. Alma’s portfolio includes more than 20 companies.

In addition to being a serial entrepreneur and investor, Dr. Marquet is also a community leader and philantropist. She is the past Chairman of BIOCOM, the largest regional biotechnology organization in the world and of the UCSD Moores Cancer Center. She is also on the board of the Kyoto Prize Symposium Organization and is a member of California Governor Newsom Covid 19 Economy Task Force.

Dr Marquet has received numerous prestigious awards throughout her career including the 2005 Regional Ernst&Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in the Life Sciences category, the Director of the Year award from the Corporate Directors Forum and she is the only woman inducted into the CONNECT Entrepreneur Hall of Fame.

She holds a doctorate degree from INSA-University of Toulouse in bi-ochemical engineering.

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